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Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal medicine


Weight Loss Program
You will lose weight and feel better. We will coach you once a week and teach you how to eat the right foods you love and lose those extra pounds that are int he way of you and your life. It's not a diet. It is a proper way of eating that will speed up your metabolism and with the help of auriculotherapy and homeopathy lower your anxiety levels. 

What is Auriculotherapy?
A noninvasive and painless technique through which we press certain points on the surface of the ear to stimulate specific organs and parts of the human body. These key areas treated on the ear have a direct impact on weight loss and other health goals by impacting both the digestive and central nervous systems, helping to reduce stress, hunger, and food cravings. 

Benefits of Auriculotherapy?
-Regulates Metabolism
-Stops Food Cravings
-Benefits Digestion
-Calming and Relaxing your mind and body

Food Therapy?
Our food plan recommendations are very individualized. We take into account your personal health and your specific constitution. Our food plans are made to support not just weight loss, but food cravings, sustained energy and overall sense of health and well being. 

Other therapies?
Cupping: To stimulate the metabolism process and tone the abdominal muscles
Homeopathy: Reprogram the body to respond favorably to the foods you eat

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