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Balance Your Qi


Acupuncture Injection Therapy or Acupuncture Point Injection (AIT), is an integrative therapy that blends the best of Chinese Medicine with conventional and homeopathic medicine. Employing this technique, AIT certified Acupuncture Physicians inject natural therapeutic substances such as homeopathic remedies or vitamins, into acupuncture points specific to your wellness needs.

By stimulating powerful acupuncture points with proven natural substances, we can affect the body on a deeper level and create a healing climate.

AIT is particularly effective for the resolution of acute and chronic pain in the body, particularly in the shoulder, back, knee, and neck along with treating arthritis, bursitis,tendinitis and spasms. We also use AIT techniques in many of our weight loss protocols , Cosmetic Acupuncture, Wellness injections to combat flu and even our B-12 Injections. B-12 Injections help not only with weight loss but also with depression, high cholesterol and Fatty Liver.

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